[Samba] strange slcakware behaviour

ashley at ideal.net.au ashley at ideal.net.au
Thu Aug 14 21:39:08 GMT 2003


I have installed Slackware 9 several times. On each occasion the samba 
install defaults ot /etc/samba/private for smbpasswd etc. This is what I 

I have just completed an install that took forever as I couldn't 
understand why testparm said the smb.conf was fine, but on starting smbd 
and nmbd both would start but smbd would die straight away. It appears 
it wanted /usr/lib/samba/private and all was happy.

I used the same cd as always for the install. I rolled my own kernel, 
else all is default.

The install was for a school. I'm worried about reliability. Anybody 
else come across this? Anybody got ideas as to why the change?



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