[Samba] Re: Samba + Cups: don't succeed to print from Windows 2000 station

Dragan Krnic dkrnic at lycos.com
Mon Aug 11 18:45:57 GMT 2003

>My samba version (on Suse distribution) is 2.2.7a-58.
>Can and must I a also this patch on this version 
>and/or must I load samba 2.2.8 with the patch ?

SuSE 8.2, I presume. You should really get 2.2.8a 
sources compressed with bzip2. Look for the files
samba-2.2.8a.tar.bz2 and samba-vscan-0.3.2a.tar.bz2
at a samba mirror).

Enclosed is a small bzip2-compressed tarball with the 
other things that SuSE uses to build samba as an RPM, 
but including the patch for bugs #52, #82 and #102. 
All of them are checked in 3.0betas but not yet
consolidated in a new 2.x release (perhaps there will 
be no more 2.x releases).

You should put both samba sources in the directory
"/usr/src/packages/SOURCES" and unpack my tarball there
with "bzip2 -d < samba.deps.tbz2 | tar xvf -" and then 

   rpm -bb samba.spec 2>&1 | tee /tmp/228a.build

while still in that directory (the T-joint is so that
you may have a log of what happened in case anything
goes wrong so someone can have a look at it and tell
you what). The following suite of installable RPM 
packages will then be created in 
/usr/src/packages/RPMS/i386 directory, which you may 
use to install patched samba properly with the command
"rpm -Uhv libsmbclient* samba*":


Building samba means you need to have the gcc compiler
and various devel libraries installed on your computer 
(they can be found on your distro's media), but when 
all is in place you only need patience. It takes a 
while (20'25" on my PC).

The libraries needed:

ncurses-devel, readline-devel, security, libacl-devel, 
libattr-devel, popt-devel, cups-devel, openssl,
openssl-devel, pam-devel, openldap2-devel, gdbm, 
gdbm-devel, glibc-devel, glibc2-devel, glib-devel

This might look like an overkill and perhaps it is.
If someone knows better, please correct me. I haven't
seen a manifest of required libraries anywhere but
many people (including me) fail to build samba because
one or other library is missing and it's not very
obvious which one.

Good luck, Nadine.

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