[Samba] SMBD and Winbind Errors

Errol Neal errol.neal at enhtech.com
Mon Aug 11 18:14:37 GMT 2003

Hi All,

This is my third time posting this question to the list. No-one seems to be 
responding to it, and I do not think that is because
people do not know how to help me. So, let me ask this: Is there something 
wrong with the way I am posing this question that
is causing people not to want to help me? Is my "attitude" coming across 
wrong? I don't know, but I've been using Samba3.0
for a while and I have never been able to get any help from this list. So, 
maybe I am doing something wrong, and If I am, I would
glady come into compliance to be able to receive the assistance I need from 
you fine folks.

Here is my original question for anyone that cares to help:

I am running Samba3.0 beta 3 installed from RPM's provided on the Samba.org 
FTP server. My platform is Red Hat 9.

I am seeing a lot of errors such as:

Aug  6 17:50:18 server3 winbindd[31138]: [2003/08/06 17:50:18, 0] 
Aug  6 17:50:18 server3 winbindd[31138]:   could not find domain entry for 


smbd[27004]: [2003/08/06 17:31:06, 0] 
smbd[27004]:   make_server_info_info3: pdb_init_sam failed!

A few questions about them:

1. Are they critical errors?

2. What do these errors mean?

2. Can they be resolved?

In case you need it, here is a copy of my smb.conf

# Global parameters
         workgroup = FOO
         realm = FOO.PRIVATE
         password server = XX.XX.XX.XX
         netbios name = SERVER3
         interfaces = XX.XX.XX.XX
         bind interfaces only = Yes
         security = ADS
         encrypt passwords = yes
         winbind gid = 60000-65000
         winbind uid = 60000-65000
         winbind separator = +
         template homedir = /home/%U
         template shell = /bin/bash
         acl compatibility = Win2k
         winbind use default domain = yes

         path = /home/htdocs
         follow symlinks = no
         browsable = yes
         force create mode = 0664
         force directory mode = 0775
         writeable = yes
         write list = @FOO+Administrators FOO+esobczak
         nt acl support = yes

Thanks in advance,


Errol U. Neal

Errol Neal, Systems/Network Administrator
eneal at enhtech.com
Enhanced Technologies Inc.
703-924-0301 or 800-368-3249
703-924-0302 Fax

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