[Samba] Converting smbpasswd from Samba-2.0 to Samba-2.2 ?

Sinner from the Prairy sinner at escomposlinux.org
Thu Aug 14 20:21:58 GMT 2003


I have a smbpasswd file from a Samba-2.0.x, generated with pwdump2 [1] . I'm in
a NT-PDC to Samba-PDC migration. The documentation says that it generates
Samba-2.0 style smbpasswd file [2]. But I would like to use the smbpasswd  on
a Samba-2.2.x machine.

I've read that smbpasswd format changed . Is there a tool to convert smbpasswd
from 2.0 to 2.2 ? I cannot find one. Any URL or HOWTO will be greatly

Thanks in advance.

[1] http://razor.bindview.com/tools/desc/pwdump2_readme.html
[2] http://www.coruscant.demon.co.uk/mike/samba/PDC_migration_HOWTO.txt

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