[Samba] SWAT error - returns an empty page

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Thu Aug 14 17:07:02 GMT 2003


I have recently installed RedHat9 on my local server. It is meant to be
a HTTP production server for my company.

In RH9, SWAT doesn't come as standard. I therefore tried to install the
RPM package found on the red hat nerwork :
- samba-swat-2.2.7a-7.9.0.rpm and samba-swat-2.2.7a-8.9.0.rpm

I would like to report that both failed at installation. A dialog box
opened saying : reading RPM headers, then disappeared. i looked at the
installed RPM, samba-swat wasn't there. no swat file was to be found
anywhere on my system.

I therefore downloaded the samba 2.2.8a source distribution, compiled it
and installed it. Here again I would like to report that the
/packaging/RedHat/makerpms.sh returns an arror : 

`samba.spec' -> `/usr/src/redhat/SPECS/samba.spec'
`samba-devel.spec' -> `/usr/src/redhat/SPECS/samba-devel.spec'
Getting Ready to build release package
-ba: unknown option

I think this is abnormal, since it takes no time and doesn't produce

So I went ahead with ./configure, make and make install. It installed
smb in the non-redhat matter (/usr/local/sbin and bin and so on, instead
of /usr/sbin & bin and so on). I had to COPY files over (and not move
them, just in case). I edited the xinetd.d/swat file, and everything
seems ok. Swat starts, smbd starts, nmbd starts. Samba works and reports
the right version and so on.

However, when I point my browser to I get the
following : "The document contains no data" (this is mozilla talking in
a dialog box). 

( before installing swat, i got the message saying connection refused at . I assume i'm on the right track but something is
missing ).

I guess swat can't find the files it needs to display it's interface ?
What do I do ?
Is there a way to read 'swat' configuration to see where it pulls it's
files from ?

Martin Legris

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