[Samba] SWAT error - returns an empty page

Marian Mlcoch, Ing mm at tsmp.sk
Fri Aug 15 05:23:18 GMT 2003

why yuo use swat only on your system first must be samba server installed
and configured.
Best choice to install is download last full samba rpm binary package from
samba ftp redhat directory.
Swat is only manager to samba service and config not needed to http
production server.


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> Hello,
> I have recently installed RedHat9 on my local server. It is meant to be
> a HTTP production server for my company.
> In RH9, SWAT doesn't come as standard. I therefore tried to install the
> RPM package found on the red hat nerwork :
> - samba-swat-2.2.7a-7.9.0.rpm and samba-swat-2.2.7a-8.9.0.rpm
> I would like to report that both failed at installation. A dialog box
> opened saying : reading RPM headers, then disappeared. i looked at the
> installed RPM, samba-swat wasn't there. no swat file was to be found
> anywhere on my system.
> I therefore downloaded the samba 2.2.8a source distribution, compiled it
> and installed it. Here again I would like to report that the
> /packaging/RedHat/makerpms.sh returns an arror :
> `samba.spec' -> `/usr/src/redhat/SPECS/samba.spec'
> `samba-devel.spec' -> `/usr/src/redhat/SPECS/samba-devel.spec'
> Getting Ready to build release package
> -ba: unknown option
> Done.
> I think this is abnormal, since it takes no time and doesn't produce
> anything.
> So I went ahead with ./configure, make and make install. It installed
> smb in the non-redhat matter (/usr/local/sbin and bin and so on, instead
> of /usr/sbin & bin and so on). I had to COPY files over (and not move
> them, just in case). I edited the xinetd.d/swat file, and everything
> seems ok. Swat starts, smbd starts, nmbd starts. Samba works and reports
> the right version and so on.
> However, when I point my browser to I get the
> following : "The document contains no data" (this is mozilla talking in
> a dialog box).
> ( before installing swat, i got the message saying connection refused at
> . I assume i'm on the right track but something is
> missing ).
> I guess swat can't find the files it needs to display it's interface ?
> What do I do ?
> Is there a way to read 'swat' configuration to see where it pulls it's
> files from ?
> Thanks,
> Martin Legris
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