[Samba] Help getting Samba to work (duplicate name on the network!)

Nadia Kunkov nadiak at parkerglobal.com
Wed Aug 13 18:24:30 GMT 2003

Hi, I'm new to Samba. It came with my Linux distribution.  I followed directions in my red hat linux book and modified smb.conf.  It's partially working.  If I type smb: in Nautilus location bar I do see all the windows machines on the network.  When I try to log into my windows machine I can see only one directory called: pbrweb.  What is that directory?  How can I see others?  What should I set up on the windows machine to see other directories?
Now, what I would really like is to see a Linux share from windows machine.  When I go to my network spaces I do see a machine Localhost and comments say it's a samba server.  When I try to access it I get a message: "Localhost is not accessible, duplicate name on the network".  I don't see any other Localhosts there.  My only guess  is that our other Linux box is running samba too and the hostnames for both of them are localhost.  How do I solve this problem?  Can I change a hostname?
Can there be 2 samba servers on the network?  Is there a problem with netbios name?
I'm getting really lost....
Any help would be appreciated.

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