[Samba] group membership limitations and Linux

Azelton Sean (RBNA/CIT1) sean.azelton at us.bosch.com
Wed Aug 13 14:17:28 GMT 2003

Hi all,

I was hoping someone here would be willing to clear up some confusion
we're having about group membership limits and linux.

While trying to use a file server solution in an AD environment using 
OpenLDAP / sasl /  Samba 2.2.x, we ran into the issue that when trying
to import/re-create  group membership,  we reach a limit at 32 groups. 
It is my understanding that this is a limitation in the number of groups
that a given user can be  in because of some hard-coded values in the
linux kernel.  

I'm wondering if we abandon the OpenLDAP idea and went to Samba 3 with
direct AD authentication - would we run into this limitation again (on
Linux)?    If so - does this limitation exist on other platforms
(FreeBSD for example) or even on other architectures (Solaris/SPARC)?

If someone can point me to more information on this issue I'd greatly
appreciate it, as we have the majority of our AD users (10s of
thousands) with  150+ groups per user (we have a global AD forest).  I'm
not sure exactly how this limit would manifest itself using Samba 3 - if
at all.



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