[Samba] Plea for Help with Slow Roaming Profiles

Christoph christoph at scheeder.de
Tue Aug 12 06:55:45 GMT 2003

pretty simple explanation:
your profile is getting bloated with everything in your personal folder.
under XP go to C:\Documents and Settings\<your username> and look
each and every bit in this dir gets synced to your profileserver on
logout. Same thing for 98/nt/me, only different places of the local
profile storage
minimize the contents there in and your logout gets times faster.


Damian Gerow wrote:
> I've posted a couple of times about this problem.  This is a plea for help
> with Roaming Profile configuration.
> The short problem is that logging on and logging off takes about ten
> minutes, with a fresh roaming profile (~1MB), on a 100Mb LAN.
> If anyone has any suggestions or pointers or questions, *please* pipe up.
> I'm all out of ideas.

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