[Samba] Slow Windows XP shared browsing.

Matthew Scarrow mscarrow at comit.ca
Mon Aug 11 23:38:57 GMT 2003

I've got some more info.
I've tried Fooling around with Netbios setting and some of the dns services
on xp client but nothing seemed to work.

What I did find to work is this when the window freezes. Open task Manager
and end task on My Computer. Then click file and Run New and type explorer
to load up the desktop again becuase you ended it. Then browse the share and
everything is good. Don't understand it and that's realy not a fix for the
problem. Just thought I'd let you know.

Matthew Scarrow
ComIT Solutions Inc.
Paris: 519-442-0100
Brantford: 519-750-0933

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