[Samba] Re: Samba + Cups: don't succeed to print from Windows 2000 station

Dragan Krnic dkrnic at lycos.com
Mon Aug 11 12:48:56 GMT 2003

|> Assuming cupsaddsmb did indeed setup the printers
|> without any errors, the Windows expect a default 
|> ......................................
|> However, it is essential that your samba server 
|> should respond properly to rpcclient commands 
|> enumprinters and enumdrivers. Lookit up in the 
|> manual.

>--> about enumprinters & enudrivers:
>enumprinters, getprinter --> OK
>rpcclient -c "enumdrivers 1" -U root LINUX01   
>                   -->OK (Printer Driver ...)
>rpcclient -c "enumdrivers 2" -U root LINUX01   
>                   --> [Windows 4.0],
>Segmentation fault
>rpcclient -c "getdriver b1_423" -U root LINUX01 
>                   --> [Windows NT x86],
>Segmentation fault.

Now this is the typical symptom of bug #82, for which
there is a patch diff file as attachment #62 at


You'll have to recompile your samba after applying the
patch and then the problem disappears.

>Since last friday, I have made somme progress:
>When people ask for printing through samba, they are 
>wecome as guest cups_samba_entry. There was a problem 
>because, samba could not read printers.conf. So, I 
>have now printers.conf readable by all. And, now I 
>get another error: 
>'problem of printer configuration'  
>(translation of french: 
>probleme de configuration d'imprimante)

After the patch for bug #82 is applied, then you also
need to configure the default settings as I described
in my previous posting.

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