[Samba] Ref: Samba + Cups: don't succeed to print from Windows 2000 station

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Dragan, Andy

Thanks for your answsers.

Please find hereafter more information and my notes.


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| I have configured cups (1.1.18) on a Suse 8.2 Pro
| Linux server. I have also configured samba (2.2.7a),
| and joined a domain. I have created printers with
| cups and declared them to samba with cupsaddsmb
| command.

Has samba reported success at all stages ?  --> Yes

| All seems to be ok.
| I can print from my Linux server.
| But, when I want to print from ny windows2000
| station:
| - I can find my linux server
| - I can find and connect printers which are declared
| - I do not succeed to print (the test page or
| another document). The system says it is not able to
| print. I do not see the job on the cups web
| interface.

Assuming cupsaddsmb did indeed setup the printers
without any errors, the Windows expect a default mode
from a printer, which needs to be establiched by
connecting the printer as domain admin and setting it
up through the following suit of mouse clicks:

Select the printer, right-click and choose Properties.
Go to Advanced tab and click on Printing defaults. Do
any adjustment, even if only to revert it immediately
afterwards, so that the Apply button is not greyed out.
Clik on Apply. Done.  --> I will try

However, it is essential that your samba server should
respond properly to rpcclient commands enumprinters
and enumdrivers. Lookit up in the manual.

--> about enumprinters & enudrivers:
enumprinters, getprinter --> OK

rpcclient -c "enumdrivers 1" -U root LINUX01   -->OK (Printer Driver ...)
rpcclient -c "enumdrivers 2" -U root LINUX01   --> [Windows 4.0],
Segmentation fault

rpcclient -c "getdriver b1_423" -U root LINUX01 --> [Windows NT x86],
Segmentation fault.

Since last friday, I have made somme progress:
When people ask for printing through samba, they are wecome as guest
There was a problem because, samba could not read printers.conf.
So, I have now printers.conf readable by all.
And, now I get another error:
'problem of printer configuration'  (translation of french: probleme de
configuration d'imprimante)

(See attached file: smb.conf-ex.txt)                        (See attached
file: b1_423.PPD)

smb.conf                      driver created with cupsaddsmb for samba

May someone help me ?
Is there a problem rather with cups or with samba configuration ? What is
the point of locking ?

I executed cupstestppd on cups-samba printers ppd files. All values are
I looked at log files, but didnt see anything that helped me.

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