[Samba] add computer account bug

Uli Iske iske at elkb.de
Mon Aug 11 07:34:53 GMT 2003

Hi !

Configuration is the following:

samba3-beta3 as PDC with LDAP Backend

at first thanks for your hard work.

in smb.conf i added ldap machine suffix = "ou=computers"
ldap user suffix = "ou=people"

when trying to add a machine account with net rpc join -U Administrator
the account is searched for in the ou=people container and not the 
ou=computers container, if i move the account dc1$ to the ou=people 
container everything works fine.

i think the net tool should look in smb.conf to find out where to search 
for/add machine accounts.

again thank you
Uli Iske

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