[Samba] Reposted: WinXP Pro domain join OK -- add domain users to local groups NOT

Radu - Eosif Mihailescu csdexter at home-27021.b.astral.ro
Mon Aug 11 07:04:26 GMT 2003

I'm sorry to repost this one but it seemed to get no attention the first
time it was posted ... here it goes, again:

Good day everyone and sorry to add to the traffic with one more
(possibly stupid) question.

I have the following problem which I could reproduce with both Samba
2.2.7 and 2.2.8 and with about 5 Microsoft clients. I've installed
WindowxXP Pro (w/SP1), I modified "RequireSignOrSeal=0", I joined the
domain (using a 'root' account that is present in smbpasswd and whose
password I know)
-- and it's all okay: it says "Welcome to the domain!".

I check the Linux part: it's all okay, the machine$ account is in place,
 in both /etc/samba/smbpasswd and /etc/passwd.

When I try to logon with a domain user it sometimes works, sometimes
not. When I logon as local admin and try to add a domain user to a local
 group, it first asks the name and password of a user with enumeration
rights in the domain -- I feed it, it displays the user list but when I
pick a domain user and click OK it hangs for about 10 to 20 seconds and
it says something like "I could not add that user because the domain did
 not give me enough information about it".

If anyone needs any kind of extra info -- just let me know. In debug
level 3 logs it all seems normal ...
If you have any idea, do please let me know ... I'm supposed to make
this work at work ... and it worked just fine for '9x, NT4 and 2k ...
but XP seems to be a new kind of magic :D

Kind Regards (again),
Radu - Eosif Mihailescu

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