[Samba] Changes to userPassword attribute in LDAP for machine accounts

Beast beast at setuid.com
Mon Aug 11 03:35:14 GMT 2003

Monday, August 11, 2003, 3:10:07 AM, Bernhard wrote:

> Dariush Forouher schrieb:

>>Am Son, 2003-08-10 um 19.49 schrieb Bernhard Czech:
>>>does Samba-3.0.0beta3 still requires the posixAccount object for machine 


>>Samba has an option 'ldap passwd sync', when set samba will update
>>userPassword whenever the two samba hashes are updated, too.
> http://de.samba.org/samba/devel/docs/html/smb.conf.5.html#LDAPPASSWDSYNC 
> states that this option applies only to user accounts. The reason I 
> asked on the mailing list was that I had no clear yes or no on this issue.
> I checked my ldap replication logs about changes to the userPassword 
> attribute. There was none. Therefore I come to the conclusion that Samba 
> 3.0.0beta3 is not making changes to it.

userPassword is optional on posixAccount objectclass, why you need a
password for that?


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