[Samba] DID IT! - Samba 2.2.8a+LDAP+PDC

Markus Amersdorfer markus.amersdorfer at aon.at
Sat Aug 9 07:23:51 GMT 2003

On Sat, 9 Aug 2003 19:28:41 -0500 
"PHELPS, SCOTT" <SPHELPS at ridgways.com> wrote:


> I even kept the same: domain name and old PDC NetBios name.
> The trickiest part was getting all of the users to keep their same
> profile, but I managed that by cloning the RID and Lanman/NT hashes
> for the user accounts.

Could you tell us, how you managed to keep the same domain name and the
old PDC's NetBios name?

(I always thought that a (NT4-)PDC can't be demoted to anything less
than a BDC without re-installing the whole thing. This combined with
Samba 2.2 not being able to handle BDCs would render it impossible to
keep the old domain/NetBios names... but it galdly seems I was wrong!?)

Many thanks in advance!!


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