[Samba] different subnets to use one samba server/integrating samba with any antivirus

Mr eric salayon esalayon at yahoo.com
Fri Aug 8 00:41:56 GMT 2003

good day,

our lan consist of two private IPs:
 1. 10.xxx.xxx.xxx
 2. 172.16.0.xxx
i subnetted our lan so that i can easily deny a group
of IPs in using internet (i also have a proxy server
to cater internet browsing). For example
 subnet1 -
 subnet2 -
 subnet3 -
 subnet4 -

i already have a samba configured having 2 NICs which
has the following addresses:
 1. eth0 -
 2. eth0 - 

how can i configure it (samba server) to connect
computer in subnet2?

is there a way to integrate antivirus with samba? im
very particular with this because i have very bad
experience server w/o antivirus.

Thanks in advance, any suggestion is highly


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