[Samba] SEC: UNCLASSIFIED:- 10 VLANS, 10 Master browsers, 1 PC

David.Wright6 at defence.gov.au David.Wright6 at defence.gov.au
Fri Aug 8 00:04:16 GMT 2003

I have the following problem, and I would l like to know if Samba can help.
(I suspect that it cannot, but feel free to prove me wrong.)
My scenario is this: My site is just one of many, with the `Domain Master
Browser`  being off-site. My site has 10 VLANS, and in the current, purely
Windows environment I have assorted  problems with the browser list being
maintained across all 10 VLANS.
I would like to set up a Unix box, with one NIC, using vconfig to set up 10
virtual network interfaces, each interface with an IP address on each of
the subnets. (ie vlan0001=, vlan0002=, ...etc).
Then set-up Samba, such that it will register a different NetBIOS name, for
each IP address.
(name-01 = , name-02 =, ...etc ).
Now comes the tricky bit:
I want to make name-01 the master browser for VLAN1 and name-02 the master
browser for VLAN2 ....etc
Will Samba let me do this? Do I need to run 10 different instances of
samba? (But then won't each instance want to use
/var/cache/samba/browse.dat as its own?)
...or am I looking at this problem all wrong?

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