[Samba] Re: Controlling files through groups:Update

Failed Access mdonovan at edwtech.com
Thu Aug 7 09:43:31 GMT 2003

one way would be

  comment = a drive
  path = /var/drive
  read list = @users
  write list = @otherusers
  force group = users

  cd /var/drive
  chown :users *

If all the users arn't part of users then you'll need to faff

but thats the way we have it and it works well.

Jason Williams wrote:
> Ok..i've been trying to troubleshoot this issue to see if I can fix it.
>  From what I can tell, there are certain options on this program that 
> will require write access to the share.
> Looking at the share, this is what it looks like:
> [root at PDC-SRV point]# ls -ld CLOSED
> drwxrwx---    4 root     cm           4096 Aug  6 15:58 CLOSED
> The corresponding files in the directory also have the same permissions. 
> I had to do this to get a certain function in the program to work 
> correctly, since it requires write access.
> My share info:
> [point]
>   comment = Point Program
>   path = /home/point
>   writable = yes
>   browseable = yes
>   public = no
>   valid users = jwilliams @cm
>   create mask = 770
>   force group = cm
> So here is what I need to figure it, to see if it is even possible.

These settings mean that every one in @cm and jwilliams are allowed to 
edit and execute the file... and no one else can see it at all.

> How can I set it up so this share through samba, so that only certain 
> users can have write access to this directory, and everyone else will 
> just have read access?
> Anyone have suggestions on how to get this setup and working correctly?
> Im thinking I need to setup users in a specific group and give the share 
> owned by that group. That group will have r/w access. Then, the rest of 
> my users will just have read access.
> Anyone have any suggestions? Im at my wits end here almost. :)
> Jason
> At 03:22 PM 8/6/2003 -0700, you wrote:
>> Hello everyone.
>> Have a question here about controlling permissions and groups for Samba.
>> Our samba server is being used by our users to access files through a 
>> program.
>> In our initial testing, what I noticed is that once a user starts to 
>> work with the file, and their are any modifications done to it, it 
>> changes the owner to the user and the group to the group that the user 
>> belongs to.
>> For instance, here is an example of a test file we were using.
>> It had the owner of 'root' and the group of 'cm'.
>> Once the user accessed the file through the program, made some 
>> changes, the owner and group were changed.
>> They were now:
>> owner = blackberry  group = loans
>> Couple quick questions here.
>> What im trying to do is setup a repository so my users can access the 
>> files at any given time.
>> However, I can that what is going on will definitely pose a problem.
>> With that in mind, how can I make sure that any files that are 
>> accessed or created by a user still retain the origina user and group?
>> Any suggestions here is greatly appreciated.
>> Jason
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