[Samba] Unix UID from LDAP

Raul Umyarov raul at kspu.ru
Thu Aug 7 07:10:58 GMT 2003


How can I create single samba users database in OpenLDAP without creating local user account?

I am successful create SambaSamAccount with Samba 3.0beta3. But following "Samba HOWTO Collection" (from 3.0beta3), ldapsam is just password backend and not provided replacement of /etc/passwd.

There is sambaIdmapEntry in ldap schemas in samba 3.0beta3, but samba don`t use it. May be it is for winbind only?

I can do this with PAM, but in this case samba must have "encrypt passwords = No". But it is impossible for me.

Please give me some ideas, links, etc.



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