[Samba] NetBIOS over ipsec using samba

Eric A Rasor erasor at lracorp.com
Wed Aug 6 20:34:21 GMT 2003

I am sure someone has had success getting NetBIOS names to transfer from one
side of a VPN to the other, but I'm not that person (yet).  I have read all
available documentation and newsgroups and have exhausted my patience.  I
have a linux box running 2.4.21 kernel with Freeswan on each end of a VPN
(its working).  I have "Arno's iptables" firewall installed on each end (It
is working).  I have samba 2.2.8a running on each of those machines (it is
working).  But for the life of me I can't get the settings correct using
swat to make them exchange information.  Here are the basic questions that I
have which have been answered in mailing lists but with different answers
(sometimes very opposite of each other).  Some of the answers to these
questions will eliminate the need for answering the others, I know... But
please do, since I have not had any sleep for 4 days.

1.	Does anybody have this scenario running successfully?  Can I see
your configuration?
2.	Can the workgroup on each side of the VPN be the same?
3.	Can the domain (Exchange Server) on one end have the same name as
the workgroup?
4.	Am I going about it wrong if I have the Exchange Server running on
one side?
5.	Should I just give up and write out big nasty lmhosts definitions?

Thanks in advance


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