[Samba] joining a samba pdc domain

Howard Miller howard.miller at udcf.gla.ac.uk
Wed Aug 6 08:42:05 GMT 2003

What exactly do you mean by "it then fails", what exactly happens. Just a 
thought - have you tried rebooting the machine and logging in as the local 
administrator before you try joining the domain. It won't work if there are 
shares open.


On Tuesday 05 Aug 2003 8:53 pm, samseaver at northwestern.edu wrote:
> dear all,
> i will outline the problem im having before posting my smb.conf, just in
> case someone knows what to trouble-check.
> i have a samba PDC set-up, no firewalls, the windows machine WILL mount
> the shares fine, but it wont join the domain.
> I mean that I have entered the machine name as a trust account into both
> passwd and smbpasswd, and when I join the domain in win2k, it actually
> asks me for my username and password, and i enter my root name and
> password.
> however, it then fails.  I cant figure it out, everything else works,
> except the final authentication to allow my win2k machine join the samba
> domain.
> 1) what ./configure options MUST be set?
> 2) what's the minimum global configuration?
> 3) what's the minimal win2k settting (i disabled WINS and set-up the
> LMHOSTS file to have one line, which is the samba server)
> thanks
> Sam Seaver

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