[Samba] joining a samba pdc domain

samseaver at northwestern.edu samseaver at northwestern.edu
Tue Aug 5 19:53:32 GMT 2003

dear all,

i will outline the problem im having before posting my smb.conf, just in
case someone knows what to trouble-check.

i have a samba PDC set-up, no firewalls, the windows machine WILL mount
the shares fine, but it wont join the domain.

I mean that I have entered the machine name as a trust account into both
passwd and smbpasswd, and when I join the domain in win2k, it actually
asks me for my username and password, and i enter my root name and password.

however, it then fails.  I cant figure it out, everything else works,
except the final authentication to allow my win2k machine join the samba

1) what ./configure options MUST be set?
2) what's the minimum global configuration?
3) what's the minimal win2k settting (i disabled WINS and set-up the
LMHOSTS file to have one line, which is the samba server)

Sam Seaver

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