[Samba] FreeBSD5.1 as PDC cant connect winXP box

Matt Bednarik mattb at prismequine.com
Tue Aug 5 15:31:59 GMT 2003

On 04.08.2003 21:15 Uhr, "Jon Reynolds" <jonr at destar.net> wrote:

> I am at the end of my rope, I am trying to get a winxp box to logon to a
> pdc using freebsd5.1 and keep getting "Logon failure: unknown user name
> or bad passsword." or "Access Denied".
> I am trying to logon with 'root' and the user is in smbpasswd and
> /etc/passwd. I think my problem is I am not sure how to add the machine
> account into the samba server. I have tried just adding the user then
> adding a '$' after the username in /etc/passwd, when this is done I can
> use smbpasswd -a -m <MachineName> and it adds the computer to smbpasswd
> with a '$' sign next to it.
> No matter which logon I try and use I never get to authenticate. I have
> also made the two registry changes to the XP box and still I cannot log
> in.
> Can someone help me with this or point me to a freebsd doc or something.
> I'm going nuckin' futs with this.
> Any help is greatly appreciated,
> Jon
In order to join a XP Pro machine to a samba domain you have to change a
registry key. All I know it has something to do with windows DNS, I think.
Go to xp-samba.linuxgod.net/Samba.php, and it will tell you how to add a XP
machine to a samba network.

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