[Samba] No files seen when mount DFS root

Basil L. Copeland Jr. blcjr at bazilla.net
Tue Aug 5 15:00:47 GMT 2003

      I have a linux server on a windows workgroup running samba.  I have a 
share created with samba on the linux server that is linked into a dfs root 
hosted by a win2k server.  (E.g., it is the win2k server, not the linux 
server, hosting the dfs.)  From the windows machines on the network, 
everything works as it is supposed to: I can see all files in the dfs, 
including the files in the share on the linux server.

      But when I mount the dfs root on the linux server, I can only see the 
directories in the dfs, not the files within the directories.  If I mount 
the shares directly, and not the dfs root, I see the files.  For example:

mount -t smbfs -o username=xxx //dfshost/dfs ./dfs

mounts as directories in ./dfs all directories in //dfshost/dfs, the files 
are not visible.  Suppose one of the shares in the dfs root structure is 
"someshare" residing on "somepc."  Then the above command gives me a 
directory "someshare" in ./dfs, but I see no files.  However, if I mount 
the share directly, as in

mount -t smbfs -o username=xxx //somepc/someshare ./dfs

I get the "someshare" directory in ./dfs AND CAN SEE ALL THE FILES.

      Well, fine, I could mount all the shares individually, but that 
really defeats the purpose of dfs.  So why am I not seeing the files, but 
only the directories, when I mount a dfs root?


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