[Samba] Re: Finally winbind on RH9 working, but why ?

Lahners, Jeremy jlahners at schemmer.com
Tue Aug 5 14:34:27 GMT 2003

I had similar problems with getent on one of my servers.  After some
investigation, I had forgotten to edit /etc/nsswitch.conf to add winbind
to the users and groups there.  Wbinfo worked great, nothing from
getent.  After the change, and a restart of winbind (don't know if that
was necessary or not) all was well.

Jeremy Lahners
jlahners at schemmer.com
The Schemmer Associates Inc.

<jo at neolabs.be> wrote in message
news:<200308042108.h74L81B09307 at neo1.neolabs.be>...
Maybe I'll rephrase it shorter :

1) eventhough 'wbinfo -g' gives me the correct groups, they do not show
up when I go 'getent group'. Can it be the spaces in the Samba groups
'Domain Admins' and 'Domain Users'? Where is the information 
about these groups stored on the Samba pdc?

2) I only get winbind to do it's job (which is connecting to a local
share on the domain member with a winbind user) when I
a) set the parameter 'winbind cache timeout = 0'
b) create the user locally on the domain member, which is of course what
we try to avoid by using winbind... 

any idea's why playing with the cache timeout causes a difference?

Thanks in advance...

the full story is below but I guess it's to long for anyone to read

Jo De Baer

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