[Samba] users and smbpasswd

Thomas Dewar tdr at infobi.com
Tue Aug 5 10:19:27 GMT 2003

Thomas Dewar wrote:

> Hi all.
> I am trying to let users change their passwords from the swap webpage. 
> But in the password interface when a user wants to change his password 
> I get the following error :
> "machine rejected the session setup.  Error was : Not 
> listening for
> calling name."
> OS: Debian 3.0
> Samba v: 2.2.3
> I have no problems changing the smb passwords as root, but when I 
> login as a
> regular user I get the same error.
> Any idea?
> Thomas
Sorry about all the fuss... my mistake so ill mend it...
I had just forgotten to put localhost in my host allows section... silly 
me :-[
hosts allow =

thanx anyway

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