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Ganael LAPLANCHE ganael.laplanche at edfgdf.fr
Mon Aug 4 10:20:05 GMT 2003

Mateus, here is a more complex (working !) example :

vfs objects = recycle
recycle:name = .recycle
; max-size (in bytes) of files allowed in the recycle bin
recycle:maxsize = 2000000
; keep directory trees ?
recycle_keeptree = True
; files to exclude from the bin
recycle:exclude = *.tmp *.temp *.swp
; root dirs to exclude from the bin
recycle:exclude_dir = tmp
; include file versionning in the bin (adds a "Copy #n of" before the
recycle:versions = True
; files to exclude from the versionning (previous versions are lost)
recycle:noversions = *.doc *.xls *.ppt

Did someone try versionning ? I get a strange error while deleting a file
with versionning activated :
WinXP tells me the file doesn't exist anymore... but it is supposed to
delete it ! In fact, the file has been
deleted, and versionned in the bin BEFORE the appearance of the msgbox...
Stange... If I deactivate
versionning, everything works well...


07/29/2003 09:47 AM

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Hi !

I successfully used recycle bin + audit with these parameters :

vfs objects = extd_audit recycle

I didn't configure anything else, so I can't tell for advanced options... I
don't remember having used any configure options for this.


mateus at tdkom.com.br@lists.samba.org on 07/28/2003 12:46:54 PM

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I'm having problems to install de recycle module on samba.
I think it can be some configuration error or something missing when I
compiled samba.
Is there any special compilation option to enable vfs and de recycle.so
I used:
 ./configure --with-smbmount --with-syslog --with-vfs

And here my configuration options:


   comment = Pastas Pessoais
   browseable = no
   writable = yes
   admin users = mateus
   vfs object = /usr/local/samba/lib/recycle.so
   vfs options = /usr/local/samba/lib/recycle.conf


name = .recycle
maxsize = 0
exclude = *.tmp|*.temp|*.o|*.obj|~$*
excludedir = /tmp|/temp|/cache
noversions = *.doc|*.xls|*.ppt

Sorry for my poor english

Mateus Tarcinalli Machado
site: http://mateus.webhostme.com/
e-mail: mateus at tdkom.com.br
ICQ: 40075236

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