[Samba] winbindd/pam problems

Christoph Scheeder christoph at scheeder.de
Mon Aug 4 10:53:36 GMT 2003


Debian 3.0,
samba 3.0bx / latest cvs, self compiled.
--with-syslog --with-quotas --with-utmp --with-msdfs \
--with-vfs --with-acl --with-pam

acces as domain-user to the samba-shares is working,
i set up pam support folowing the html-docs about ADS-support
and pam-login.
getent shows all domain-users and groups correct on the samba-server.

But i'v got a problem:

i can not login locally on my samba-server with a domain-user-account.

if i telnet to the machine i enter username and password, and
get the message

User not known to the underlying authentication module
Connection closed by foreign host.

in auth.log i get the folowing messages (Lines wraped around)

Aug  4 12:36:35 greulix pam_winbind[7891]: user 'administrator' \
granted acces
Aug  4 12:36:35 greulix PAM_unix[7891]: could not identify user \
(from getpwnam(administrator))
Aug  4 12:36:35 greulix login[7891]: User not known to the \
underlying authentication module

can anybody shed some light on this please?


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