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Ganael LAPLANCHE ganael.laplanche at edfgdf.fr
Mon Aug 4 08:25:10 GMT 2003

Hi :)

As I'd say in French "de rien !" (you're welcome :))

Yes, you can use PAM to redirect the system authentication calls to your
LDAP directory, but in reality samba
will continue to use two types of accounts : the "posixAccount"s (same as
/etc/passwd) and the "sambaSamAccount"s.
Everything will be stored in you LDAP directory, but Samba still needs two
types of accounts : one for the system, one for Samba
(even if the accounts will be merged in only one entry).

If you plan to use PAM, don't forget to use nsswitch (libnss-ldap), which
allows your system to catch name services calls (e.g. to identify
the available accounts when you use "getent passwd") and to redirect them
to a dedicated backend (e.g. /etc/passwd). Pam is for
only authentication, while nsswitch is for name service "translation".

You should use both libpam-ldap and libnss-ldap if you want your System
being able to identify AND authenticate LDAP-only users.

I don't have much more infos about "_nua" accounts, I think they've been
removed, or maybe they were just planned... I really
don't know...

Good luck !


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Thanks for the mail.
On Wed, Jul 30, 2003 at 10:58:35AM +0200, Ganael LAPLANCHE wrote:

> Samba needs two accounts : a system account AND a samba account. The
> for this is
> you can't store every piece of information samba needs in the /etc/passwd
> file (e.g. Samba Home dir).

oh! some people say that I can use PAM for this. Do you have any ideas
on this?

> You may have heard about _nua (No Unix Accounts) backends, a way of
> users in samba-only

No never heard of this. Can you give some more info.

As you say in French, Merci beaucoup :)

With warm regards,

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