pdbedit [ WAS Re: [Samba] smbpasswd and LDAP

Beast beast at setuid.com
Sat Aug 2 08:07:01 GMT 2003

Saturday, August 2, 2003, 2:16:40 PM, Markus wrote:

> On Fri, 1 Aug 2003 17:47:11 +0700
> Beast <beast at setuid.com> wrote:

>> > It seems samba was trying to add this new user instead of modify.
>> > Whenever I add new user which doesn't has posixaccount yet,
>> > smbpasswd refused to add. It's like chicken and egg pb.
>> Aah.., using pdbedit -a was able to add new (non existing
>> posixaccount), but what if I want to add custom attributes?

> So you solved your problems finally?

For this case, yes. more pb still waiting on the list...

> I suppose with "add custom attributes" you mean you want to write your
> own schema-file and have the users use these new objectClass(es) and
> attributes. Well, then just use LDAP-commands to assign them to them.
> That's nothing Samba-specific...

Hmm, if i can not customize the attribute that were added by this
tool, then better to create/modify/delete user stright to ldap server

It would be better if it has an options like -l which specify the ldif
file to be added OR this tools will only modify existing posixaccount
instead of creating new account.

> (Don't ask me how to apply a specific LDAP-command such as ldapmodify to
> a perhaps large subset of all LDAP entries ... I just don't know that
> yet either.)

Well, tks.
I can handle it myself :-)


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