[Samba] Where is mysql support?

Howard Miller hm51k at udcf.gla.ac.uk
Sat Aug 2 08:54:30 GMT 2003

Bad plan, obviously....

I found the problem... sort of... I didn't notice the experimental module switch to ./configure. That 
should have been a clue :-(

Next the mysql "test" application wouldn't compile, but there is a switch to disable that, so that got 
mysql support past the configure stage.
Then of course the mysql modules wouldn't compile! So, I am taking experimental to mean that it 
doesn't work at all!

Oh well.... LDAP suffering and brain damage here we come....


Quoting Howard Miller <hm51k at udcf.gla.ac.uk>:

> Hi, 
> This is a slight repetition but I have discovered more.... 
> I have the latest beta of Samba 3.0. I want to use the MySql password
> authentication (mainly 
> because I don't know and don't have time to learn LDAP). However, beyond
> the examples I can 
> find no other code relating to mysql in the source tree. mysql.so in
> particular is not there.  
> Is it included in the source? If not where do I find it? 
> Howard 
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