[Samba] RE: Add directory share without killing samba?

Hulslander, Ryan Ryan.Hulslander at ps.net
Fri Aug 1 14:35:47 GMT 2003

You're quite right... I found it mentioned after I had asked the question. I
swear I looked for it before but it was eluding me something fierce. I've
been adding "favorites" now to by browser list like a fiend and it's helping

Now - if I can only get a real grip on permissions I'll be set. :-)

Thanks to All!


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Subject: Re:Add directory share without killing samba?

> Is there a way that I can dynamically add a share point to the 
> smb.conf file and not be forced to kill the smbd daemon and restart 
> in order for it to be visible? Or is this such a simple thing I'm 
> blind and can't see it in any FAQ I read? :-)

You're not googling far enough.

I believe smbd re-reads smb.conf from time to time, but if you're in
a hurry, a "kill -HUP <smbd-PID>" over all smbd processes won't be a
massacre - it'll just prompt them to re-read smb.conf immediately.

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