[Samba] Permissions visibility

Jon Niehof jniehof at paladigm.com
Wed Apr 30 14:14:39 GMT 2003

>>> when do changes to unix permissions become effective via samba?
>>> it seems that after i add someone to a group that has permissions to 
>>> a directory, that user still can't access the directory for at least 
>>> some period of time.  restarting smb works, but i'm leery of 
>>> restarting it while many other users have files open.
> Does anyone know technical details as to whether permissions are cached 
> by samba, and if there's some way to refresh permissions info without 
> restarting the service?

AFAIK Samba does not cache them. However, group memberships 
are processed by the OS at user login, not every time an 
access is attempted. If the smbd process servicing a 
workstation doesn't die, they won't be recalculated. SMB is 
very odd about when a connection is actually closed.

At least you know to some extent what's going on now, even 
though I don't have a solution for you.

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