[Samba] Windoze don't forget username/password (revalidate=yes why not working?)

Éliás Tamás eliast at veszprog.hu
Tue Apr 29 16:23:09 GMT 2003

Hy again!

OS: Debian Woody 3.0, kernel 2.4.20-grsecurity
Samba: 2.2.8a
status: samba up, and running
Problem: If I use a usrname/password on client machines, (win98 and winxp/2k) 
I could not log on as an other user to the machine, only if I logout, or reboot 
the client. I1ve read in O'reilly's samba book, that there is an option 
revalidate. But testparm says, it is unknown. How can I solve this? I want the 
users to log in every time, once they've closed the explorer's network view. I 
tried many options, like keepalive and deadtime, change notify timeout, etc. 
But no one is working. Samba acts as a master browser, but does not manage 
domain logons (yet). 


Thomas Elias
Tel.: +3630/3299315

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