[Samba] ACLs and file/directory access permissions

Marek Bialoglowy mb at systemintegra.com
Tue Apr 29 15:34:08 GMT 2003


I have a share [/projects] with multiple directories inside, each created
for purpose of different projects. On Win2K I was able to specify users who
were allowed to access particular directories and in some cases particular
files (in case there is any secret file I was allowing access only to one
person responsible for the project). I was wondering if it is possible to
switch all server to Linux running 'samba' ? At the moment I don't think it
is possible due to lack of proper ACLs. I need something controlling access
to particular files/directories with specific user oriented access rights.
Linux by default doesn't have any support of ACLs so it's not possible to do
it from the system in any efficient and reasonable way (I don't know any
stable enough ACLs solutions for Linux).

What do you all think about it ? I believe samba should separate access
control from Linux file system and implement advanced ACL functions.

Best Regards,


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