[Samba] Re: File shares seem to timeout?

Al Doofbanga aldoofbanga at hotmail.com
Tue Apr 29 06:38:12 GMT 2003


Anyone else got any ideas on this? Mat suggested keepalive however
that's not it. I am talking about file shares timing out over longer
periods of time (hours). The environment is a Solaris server running
samba with Win 2000 clients accessing the file share. They are all
part of the same domain.

Any suggestions much appreciated!




I have a samba server joined to a Win 2000 domain.

It all works fine except that for some reason if a Win2KPro client has a
file/folder open overnight (or for a long time), then they are disconnected.

I can't find a relevant timeout setting when browsing through swat.

Anyone got any ideas?



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