[Samba] Nmbd: Static Mappings - To replace a microsoft server.

Matthew Western mwestern at affairs.net.au
Tue Apr 29 03:25:15 GMT 2003

Hi All,
I've currently got a samba server setup as a secondary WINS server (on the
client side) and have the following in the smb.conf file:
	wins support = yes
	dns proxy = yes
	name resolve order = wins dns hosts lmhosts

and have a number of entries in my /etc/hosts file:            server1            server2              server3

and these resolve fine.  This is the only way I could find to do static
mappings the same as M$ WINS server did.

Now, the next problem I have it I need to replicate the static mappings,
Domain entry.  ie, Static Mappings, Add Mapping, Select Domain and start
plonking addresses of your domain controllers.

In short how?  I don't think my settings above are ideal but I've not found
out what is the way to do it.

Why static addresses you might ask (like many others I've talked to).

1.  for Servers of which I don't have control (on a WAN)
2.  for Servers that don't have SMB setup.  ie, web servers, routers,
printers anything that comes to mind.
3.  for NAT addresses to the internet.

I realize i can do 2 & 3 with dynamic DNS or xDNS or whatever but I don't
want to.  :)  more reasons which I can't be bothered explaining here.

I guess I should have a look at the Samba 3.0.0 and see if this is
fixed/supported or whatever, but I'm not a programmer and things like CVS
scare me  :)   i do however read Man pages and google till i'm purple in the

Anyway, just some thoughts.  Comments anyone?


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