[Samba] Re: Linux only Network: Samba ?? or Nis and NFs??

Omar Jesus Olivos olivos at markham.edu.pe
Mon Apr 28 23:55:57 GMT 2003


I'm trying to build an only Linux (RedHat 8.0) network. I've tried NIS(for centralised passwords) and NFS, seems to work OK. Sometimes my clients stop responding. I may be doing something wrong. I've just been told that all of this can be done with Samba. CEntralised User naes and passwords
and homes. So that any user can logon from any linux workstation be validated by a server and get access to his home on that server from any workstaion... Is it possible? How?
I've been succesful at using samba with Windows. but Linux -- Samba -- Linux?? is it a  good choice??

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