[Samba] Re: Why would I want Active Directory (rather, how to argue against it?)

David Chait davidc at bonair.stanford.edu
Mon Apr 28 20:20:09 GMT 2003

Most if not all of the MS products being produced for market have AD tie
ins, but Samba was never intended to replace a MS DC on that level in a
major enterprise. It is available to provide basic connectivty between SMB
and Unix platforms. It does a great job of replacing an NT 4 PDC with the
caviat that you cannot set up replication, however it does not really
replace the functionality of a W2K machine blow for blow.

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> > OK.  Actually I understood this feature.  I am just wondering how it
> > applies in an MS network.  SSO to all of what?  If my DCs are my
> > file/printer server(s) (let's say I mirror the data contents
> > of my PDC to
> > my BDC as well -- afterall what's the point of the BDC if the PDC goes
> > down and it has all of the shares on it?) what else would SSO
> > authenticate
> > me to?  I had kinda suspected Exchange if it was present in
> > the network,
> > but am not sure.  But what else is there to authenticate to a
> > netowrk of MS services?
> RAS (Remote Access Service) for dialins or PPTP connections.
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