[Samba] two PDC's on same machine in same subnet

Nicholas Brealey nick at brealey.org
Sun Apr 27 10:40:39 GMT 2003

pilsl at goldfisch.at wrote:
> By now we had running samba as PDC and fileserver for about 20
> NT4-clients with roaming profiles.
> Now we start migrating NT4-clients to XP-clients and as I found out
> roaming userprofiles between XP and NT4 is not possible (NT4->XP
> works, but not vice versa).
 > (trimmed)
> * any other idea to solve the profile-issue ?

The easiest way is for the server to store profiles for different
versions of Windows in different directories. You only need one PDC.
Include the following line in smb.conf:

logon path = \\server\profile\%a\%U

The %a expands to WfWg, Win95, WinNT, Win2K or WinXP depending on the
version of Windows users are connecting from. WinXP was added in Samba
2.2.8, before that it was identified as Win2K.

Just create the WinNT and WinXP directories in the profile the directory,
move the user profiles to WinNT and copy them to WinXP.

I saw one person report that WinXP was identified as Win2K but I am not
sure if they were using an older version of Samba or if there is a bug.

I have been using this approach with Windows NT and Windows 2000 for some
time now. I should be installing my first XP client tomorrow.


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