[Samba] two PDC's on same machine in same subnet

Thomas Bork tombork at web.de
Sun Apr 27 17:51:14 GMT 2003

Hi Nicholas Brealey,

you wrote:

> The easiest way is for the server to store profiles for different
> versions of Windows in different directories. You only need one PDC.
> Include the following line in smb.conf:
> logon path = \\server\profile\%a\%U
> The %a expands to WfWg, Win95, WinNT, Win2K or WinXP depending on the
> version of Windows users are connecting from. WinXP was added in
> 2.2.8, before that it was identified as Win2K.
> Just create the WinNT and WinXP directories in the profile the
> directory, move the user profiles to WinNT and copy them to WinXP.
> I saw one person report that WinXP was identified as Win2K but I am
> not sure if they were using an older version of Samba or if there is
> a bug.

tested version was 2.2.8a - this is a bug but Gerald Carter is working
on that.

der tom

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