[Samba] final tests fail with samba...can anyone help?

wittling - softhome account wittling at softhome.net
Sat Apr 26 19:23:37 GMT 2003


I just took an old PC and installed SuSE 7.0 on it. The machine has 32Mb of RAM, so I needed a slim installation and kernel, and this was the only package I could get to install without immense effort (I tried 5 other versions of small linux distros from linuxiso.org before this one).

The version of Samba I installed on this Suse box is 2.0.7. From what I have read, this version SHOULD work with Windows 2000. I had to look hard to find it on the SuSE site, because they have mothballed it off into an "obsolete/unsupported" directory. I was just glad to find it, since newer versions of the samba product fail the dependency checks on the rpm installer and would not work. Eventually, I may update to more recent code, but I didn't want to upgrade the entire system (yet) for the sake of getting samba to work. I guess I should also mention that I am aware of the patches and fixes for the product since 2.0.7.

I have run all of the tests in the DIAGNOSIS file, and all appear to work except for the last 2...which of course are the most important. 

On the Windows side, I know sharing works because I share with a laptop quite frequently. NBTSTAT comes back fine with the Samba directory information....but...
When I run Net View \\SERVERNAME I get:
System error 53 has occurred.

The network path was not found.

When I run Net Use X: \\SERVERNAME\tmp I get the same thing.

On the Linux side....
* if I run nmblookup -A [WINDOWSSERVERNAME]....all comes back perfectly.
* The samba client connects to itself just fine.
* if I run smbclient -M [WINDOWSSERVERNAME]...and type in a message...I see the dialogue on windows!

* if I run smbclient -L [WINDOWSSERVERNAME], I get the following:

Connecting to [IP] at port 139
write_socket(3,76) wrote 76
Sent session request
got smb length of 1
session request to *SMBSERVER failed (Not listening on called name)

Anyone have any clues here? I am about out of gas on time and energy on this one and could use some help...

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