[Samba] I need help with Musicmatch and my samba server.

PaulN1 at aol.com PaulN1 at aol.com
Sat Apr 26 17:10:26 GMT 2003

I am relatively new to the linux world and am moving to it because of my 
frustration with Mr. Gates etc.  I have two linux servers running redahat 8 
with the the samba distribution within that package.  They are set up as 
music servers for my house. The rest of my household uses win98 for everyday 
applications and that is my problem.  Musicmatch to 7.2 works great with my 
servers but the newest versions are intermittent when playing across the 
newwork.  They play or burn some with no problem while others don't play or 
record. Musicmatch  sees all the tracks.  All other windows competitors that 
I have tried play fine across the network.  I am writing this to you because 
I am frustrated by the response of Musicmatch to the problem.  I have sent 
them two requests on this issue over the last 5 months but have yet to 
recieve a response.  My hunch is that I mention linux and they just ignor me.
If you could give me any idea on how or why this may be happening I would 
appreciate it.  The servers are on asus  A7V motherboards running AMD Athalon 
The network is a switched and running 100 mbs. The nic's are generally 3com.
Paul Novak

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