[Samba] Newbie - Adding a Samba system to a XP workgroup

Glenn Domeracki glenn at anthology.com
Fri Apr 25 23:28:05 GMT 2003

Being a newbie to UNIX, I have read everything I can find on configuring
SAMBA but everywhere I look it states that the SAMA machine MUST be a PDC in
a local domain.  At this time I have a small XP workgroup which does not
require passwords or excessive security.  I would prefer to keep the
workgroup because my wife uses one of the XP computers and would complain
long and loud if now she needed to log on with a password. The computers sit
behind a router and each XP machine has it's own firewall
(ZoneAlarm)installed.  Regarding this I have many questions, but initially I
have only 4.

1. Is it possible for sharing within an XP workgroup from SAMBA to XP and
vice versa.
2. If so how do I configure DNS - SMB.CONF for this configuration. ( I am
REAL stupid, I don't even know how to name my Linux machine )
3. If not possible for sharing in an XP workgroup could someone post a
SMB.CONF file which is a functional domain PDC with XPpro clients.
4. And if necessary please post a functional HOST file as well.

If any of you could contribute to my solution it will be appreciated.



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