[Samba] unix-filenames do not translate

paul.r.schenk at accenture.com paul.r.schenk at accenture.com
Fri Apr 25 11:17:11 GMT 2003

Hi Antonio,

Your problem is that filenames on Windows cannot contains certain
characters. * is one of the characters you cannot have in a name. Thus
Samba must translate these names.

All the best,

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Hello list,

I have problems displaying certain UNIX-files in samba.
For example if I have a file named like this:
    BAUTEIL           ,A21133321´2202,*,  , ,Z,
samba shows dos-like names as follow:

Is there any way in telling samba to display the file's real names and
not to do this dos-8.3-translation?

Please post your awnswer as CC: to my original emailadress, because I
am temporarily off the list. Thanx in advance.


Antonio Nikolic

eMail:     antonio.nikolic at ibk-consult-gmbh.de

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