[Samba] Refresh not working with samba-3.0

Suresh Rajpurohit suresh.rajpurohit at wipro.com
Fri Apr 25 11:26:20 GMT 2003

We are using Samba-3.0alpha23. And we are facing 2 problems related to
it. We have used the default configuration setting provided in
configuration file of samba-3.0alpha23.
1 ) Refresh Functionality not working
We have installed samba-3.0alpha23 and are using it to access the
printer installed on Linux machine. When we connect from two windows
client and give a print. The status is not updated or displayed on the
"printer status window". 
Is there some configuration parameter needs to be changed for it to
2 ) "printer status window" not coming up.
When we give a print from windows client, the "printer status window" is
not coming up automatically.
Is there any configuration settings to be changes for it.
Help will be appreciated.
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