[Samba] Problem with "domain admin group"

Joerg Hartmann J.Hartmann at megalearn.de
Fri Apr 25 09:39:33 GMT 2003


i have a Samba PDC (Debian Woody,samba 2.2.3) which is working just fine
except one thing.

In my smb.conf i have 
domain admin group = root @ntadmin

Some Technicians are members of the unix group "ntadmin".
Unfortunatly none of them has administrator rights after login in on the 
We use KiXtart as a tool for login scripts and it reports every time only 
user privileges to.
Could anyone please help with that problem ?

Jörg Hartmann		Tel: +49 391 40 00 125
J.Hartmann at megalearn.de

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