[Samba] Samba client

Jeffrey Wang jnwang at optonline.net
Thu Apr 24 20:45:14 GMT 2003

I am a beginner.  I tried to setup a samba server on a Red Hat 7.1
server but the Red Hat 7.1 client machine cannot connect to my samba
Samba is bundled with Red Hat 7.1.  The version is 2.0.7.
I used very simple smb.conf file, which is:
workgroup = WORKGROUP
netbios name = jefflinux  (this is my samba server's nickname)
log level = 3
log file = /var/log/samba/samba.log
wins support = yes
path =/tmp
browseable = yes
writable = yes
That is ALL.
When I type
Smbclient -L jefflinux            on the server, it prompt me for a
password, I entered root password, it worked.
I typed 
Smbclient -L   
I got connection refused error.
Please help.

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