[Samba] cifs works, but ...

Goik goik at hdm-stuttgart.de
Wed Apr 23 13:29:20 GMT 2003

I checked out the most recent cvs version for fs/cifs and was able to 
mount a remote share via mount.cifs. As far as I remember the README 
states that samba 2.2.5 is sufficient. Actually our samba 2.2.5 server 
does not work, but 2.2.7 does.

Unfortunately the whole thing appears to be quite unstable. Shutting 
down the client host with a mounted cifs file system yields several 
kernel faults. Starting a graphical session (gnome) yields lots of error 
messages to the login shell and the beast will not start correctly. 
Maybe this is due to the fact that I'm using quite a new redhat release 

So my question is: Is cifs unstable or do my problems  stem from(e.g.)  
redhat's patched kernel?

Regards, Martin

Steven French wrote:

>The mount helper (mount.cifs) now calls into the kernel mount routine with
>the ip address for the hostname specified (in your case the server "raid")
>which uses a parm ("ip=") that older versions of the cifs vfs kernel code
>will not recognize.  This new mount parameter requires a newer version of
>the cifs vfs kernel code which is available via samba cvs for 2.4 (the
>download instructions for samba cvs extract of the cifs vfs are on the
>project page) and for the 2.5 version which is available at
>http://cifs.bkbits.net/linux-2.5cifs and also in the public 2.5 kernel.org
>kernel (your note reminded me that I should post a newer tar.gz of the 2.4
>source code to the Linux_CIFS_client project page to bring it up to the
>current 0.7.2 version of the cifs vfs).  I had held off for a few weeks in
>posting an updated version more visibly while fixing an obscure bug in the
>file truncate code that showed up on some kernels running fsx stress test
>(this fix will be in 0.7.4 version of the cifs vfs).  A few weeks ago to
>support the new mount helper I also added versioning support to the mount
>helper and cifs vfs kernel code, so it will be easier to handle/recognize
>version mismatches.
>>followed the instructions given at
>>http://de.samba.org/samba/Linux_CIFS_client.html, i.e. compiling
>>cifs-0.6.8 and mount.cifs rev. I successfully loaded the cifs.o
>>as a module and  following the given examples I tried:
>>[root at r151-101 cifs]# /sbin/mount.cifs //raid/demo /stud/demo -o
>>mount error 22 = Invalid argumentRefer to the mount.cifs(8) manual page
>>(e.g.man mount.cifs)
>>This yields the following /var/log/messages block:
>>Apr 22 21:19:44 r151-101 kernel: CIFS: Unknown mount option ip
>>Apr 22 21:19:44 r151-101 kernel:  CIFS VFS: Error connecting to IPv4
>>socket. Aborting operation
>>What does Unknown mount option ip mean here?
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